Service Type: Selling Your Company

Financial Buyer

Good news: Interested in a company’s return on equity, investment burden and future cash flow. They are long-term investors and are looking for a well-managed company. They will quickly execute an acquisition. Bad news: They are looking for a good ROI and will usually try to drive down the acquisition price. For example, they may... Read more »

Strategic Buyer

Good news: They often pay a premium for an acquisition, as much as 8X-10X EBITDA. They want to enhance their company by capturing market share, gaining access to new customers, obtaining technology and innovation, etc. Bad news: They are slow-moving on an acquisition. They do not want the seller’s back office. Their intention is complete... Read more »

Private Equity Group (PEG)

Good news: They currently have billions of dollars to invest. They often provide capital for strategic growth. They typically buy 20% to 80% of a company’s stock. They invest when they feel a company’s management team can execute a business plan. Bad news: They normally offer 4X-7X EBITDA. They often gain a controlling interest by... Read more »